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who work with glass

Glass Artists' Gallery

Australia's foremost contemporary glass gallery

Level 2, 68 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037. Sydney Australia. Tel/Fax +612 9552 1552.
Open Wednesday to Saturday 11am–5pm. Any other time: appointments welcome.

Glebe St Fair Exhibition

Exhibition runs from Tuesday 11th to Sunday 16th November.

For the week leading into the Glebe St Fair (Sunday 16th November), Glass Artists’ Gallery will be featuring resident glass artists including Mark Eliott, Kevin Gordon, David Hay, Lee Howes, Luke Jacomb and Philip Stokes, together with our Gauge Gallery will be featuring recent exhibitors Fred Fink, Bede Kelcher, Bek Rice and Nacy Comninos.

During the Glebe St Fair on Sunday 16th, Mark Eliott will be demonstrating flame-working out the front of the Gallery from 10.30-5pm.

Lee Howes

Nacy Comninos

Luke Jacomb

Kim Logue

Philip Stokes

Fred Fink

David Hay

Bede Kelcher