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Exhibitions runs until Sunday 2nd June.

Drawing from his experience as a musician and glass artist specialising in lampworking, Mark Eliott’s journey is enriched with storytelling and improvisations on many levels. Significantly, Mark was recently awarded the prestigious Tom Malone Prize – Art Gallery of WA.

OFFICIAL OPENING NIGHT: 6-8pm Tuesday 2nd April by Grace Cochrane AM
At 6.30pm, Grace will present the stories behind the works with Mark Eliott accompanying on his glass instruments.

We are proud to present this exhibition which showcases the brevity of Mark’s ideas through his eclectic and skilful interpretations.

Mark Eliott - Squawkophone

Ollie the Septipus (Detail)

Dr Mermaid (Detail)

Base Solo in Full Flight with Audience of One

Fute with Face of Jia Lin Liang

Zilly the Stripy Fish

Blue fish (Detail)

Bluey the Groper (detail)