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Paddy Robinson

Belfast born, Paddy came to Australia in the mid-1960s and has been working in glass for over forty years. She trained in stained glass in Ireland and later engraving with Anne Dybka in Sydney.

Her exhibition work is usually highly personal in imagery. These works have been created using engraved, painted, fused, slumped, laminated and cast glass. Paddy’s work has been collected both nationally and internationally and she has been a finalist in the Ranamok Glass Prize.

“With an interest in the duality/ambiguity of ends and beginnings of life, I am currently working with the interface between them. Using somewhat figurative imagery, while abstracting them to a symbolic end, these images represent the cyclical nature of life…The landscape is also affected by the drought, but regenerates and life continues in a cycle that is never ending – Full Circle.”

Knitted Series

La Nina Wattle

La Nina Gum

La Nina (Bird, Fish or Turtle Groupings)