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Glass Artists' Gallery

Australia's foremost contemporary glass gallery

Level 2, 68 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037. Sydney Australia. Tel/Fax +612 9552 1552.
Open Wednesday to Saturday 11am–5pm. Any other time: appointments welcome.

Encore Plus

This year the exhibition focuses on a small selection of artists from 2008-2013’s Ranamok Glass Prize whose work is a departure from what they have previously exhibited. Artists include Gabrielle Adamik, Annette Blair, Mark Eliott, Jennifer Ashley King, Kim Logue, Jessica Mackney, Richard Morrell and Melinda Willis. Encore Plus runs from 4th - 23rd February 2014 in GAUGE GALLERY. Opening Night: 6-8pm 4th February 2014. [gallery…
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4 February 2014