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Level 2, 68 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037. Sydney Australia. Tel/Fax +612 9552 1552.
Open Wednesday to Saturday 11am–5pm. Any other time: appointments welcome.

Between the Lines*but with the cracks

BETWEEN THE LINES *but with the cracks Maureen Cahill Traces the artist's ideas which reference current society and its values through past and present works. Opening 27th September, 6:30pm. To be opened by Gillian Minervini, Creative Director - Events, City of…
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27 September 2012

Whitney, Keryn

Born in New Zealand, Keryn studied glass in Stourbridge, UK to gather a broad range of glass techniques. Keryn returned to New Zealand to pursue her glass blowing techniques. However, since the birth of two children, blowing became difficult due to the six hour round trip required to Wanganui Glass School. Since that time Keryn has focussed more on the kiln worked glass. “My latest series has evolved to incorporate flame worked, deconstructed blown glass, that is manipulated and fused into new shapes. The processes result in a new organic flowing piece of art quite distinct from the original piece. I look…
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22 September 2012

Thomas, Bridget

Bridget recently graduated in Glass at ANU in Canberra and is developing her practice with a strong emphasis on coldworking skills and techniques. Bridget is the daughter of Paddy Robinson and has followed her mother’s path with her love of glassmaking. Bridget uses her glass making techniques to provide specialists urns at Urns for…
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22 September 2012